Hello and welcome to Strollers to Startups! My name is Luo Baishun, I am a tech-savvy problem-solver by day, a bedtime storyteller by night, and a dadpreneur at all times.

About Me

By profession, I am an indie hacker and SaaS founder, I am building several micro SaaS products (EarlyBird, Jingle Bio, TinySnap and HeyForm) in public.

Over the years, I've been blessed to play my part in the exciting world of startups, building innovative solutions and learning the ins and outs of the industry. My journey hasn't always been smooth sailing - there have been challenges, but also tremendous victories that have shaped me into the entrepreneur I am today.

The Other Side of Me: Fatherhood

But when the laptops close and the meeting calls are over, I step into an equally important and enriching role - that of a father. I am a proud dad to two wonderful children who fill my life with joy, purpose, and the occasional chaos that comes with parenting.

Meet the Dadpreneur

This dual life of mine, juggling spreadsheets and storybooks, has led me to identify as a "Dadpreneur." I'm part of a growing tribe of fathers who are striving to balance the act of nurturing startups while also nurturing our children. It's a challenging, rewarding, and often unpredictable journey - but one I wouldn't trade for the world.

The Birth of 'Strollers to Startups'

And so, 'Strollers to Startups' was born. You might be wondering how I landed on the name 'Strollers to Startups', my life is a fascinating interplay between worlds - the world of nurturing my children (hence, 'Strollers') and the world of building my businesses (hence, 'Startups').

The journey from strollers to startups is not a one-way street. It's a constant, cyclical flow of experiences and lessons that feed into each other. The challenges I face in my startup journey often teach me patience, resilience, and creativity - qualities that I need to bring into my parenting.

Conversely, fatherhood teaches me empathy, mindfulness, and the importance of work-life balance - lessons that are invaluable to me as an entrepreneur.

'Strollers to Startups' is a metaphor for this beautifully intertwined journey. It's about the dad, pushing a stroller with one hand and steering a startup with the other. It's about the smiles and tears, the late-night coding and early morning kindergarten take, the investor meetings and parent-teacher meetings, that all blend into this unique adventure.

What to Expect from This Blog

In the coming months, you can expect posts that delve into the nitty-gritty of running SaaS businesses, interviews with fellow dadpreneurs, and personal stories about the journey of fatherhood and entrepreneurship. I hope this blog will provide valuable insights, spark meaningful discussions, and help create a supportive community for all dadpreneurs out there.

I must admit, as a Chinese native with no formal English training, crafting blog posts in English presents its own unique set of challenges, so I've used ChatGPT and RewriteWise to proofread and refine my posts for a smoother reading experience. While they assist in the mechanics of writing, the stories, experiences, and insights shared on this blog are authentically mine- not generic content churned out by a content farm. Each article represents a piece of my journey as a dadpreneur: my learnings, failures, and victories. These AI tools simply help ensure that my message is conveyed clearly and effectively to YOU.

Join the Adventure

If you're a fellow dadpreneur, or simply someone interested in the interplay of fatherhood and entrepreneurship, I invite you to join this journey.

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And remember, whether you're pushing strollers or building startups, you're not alone. We're in this together. Here's to our shared journey!

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